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Easing functions specify the rate of change over time and are useful when working with Svelte's built-in transitions and animations as well as the tweened and spring utilities. svelte/easing contains 31 named exports, a linear ease and 3 variants of 10 different easing functions: in, out and inOut.

You can explore the various eases using the ease visualiser in the examples section.

ease in out inOut
back backIn backOut backInOut
bounce bounceIn bounceOut bounceInOut
circ circIn circOut circInOut
cubic cubicIn cubicOut cubicInOut
elastic elasticIn elasticOut elasticInOut
expo expoIn expoOut expoInOut
quad quadIn quadOut quadInOut
quart quartIn quartOut quartInOut
quint quintIn quintOut quintInOut
sine sineIn sineOut sineInOut