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The <svelte:fragment> element allows you to place content in a named slot without wrapping it in a container DOM element. This keeps the flow layout of your document intact.

In the example notice how we applied a flex layout with a gap of 1em to the box.

<!-- Box.svelte -->
<div class="box">
	<slot name="header">No header was provided</slot>
	<p>Some content between header and footer</p>
	<slot name="footer" />

	.box {
		display: flex;
		flex-direction: column;
		gap: 1em;

However, the content in the footer is not spaced out according to this rhythm because wrapping it in a div created a new flow layout.

We can solve this by changing <div slot="footer"> in the App component. Replace the <div> with <svelte:fragment>:

<svelte:fragment slot="footer">
	<p>All rights reserved.</p>
	<p>Copyright (c) 2019 Svelte Industries</p>