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It would be impractical to put your entire app in a single component. Instead, we can import components from other files and then use them as though we were including elements.

We now present you 2 files in the editor on the right (upper bar) to click on, App.svelte and Nested.svelte.

Each .svelte file holds a component that is a reusable self-contained block of code that encapsulates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that belong together.

Let's add a <script> tag to App.svelte that imports the file (our component) Nested.svelte into our app...

	import Nested from './Nested.svelte';

...then use component Nested in the app markup:

<p>This is a paragraph.</p>
<Nested />

Notice that even though Nested.svelte has a <p> element, the styles from App.svelte don't leak in.

Also notice that the component name Nested is capitalised. This convention has been adopted to allow us to differentiate between user-defined components and regular HTML tags.