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If you have multiple inputs relating to the same value, you can use bind:group along with the value attribute. Radio inputs in the same group are mutually exclusive; checkbox inputs in the same group form an array of selected values.

Add bind:group to each input:

<input type=radio bind:group={scoops} name="scoops" value={1}>

In this case, we could make the code simpler by moving the checkbox inputs into an each block. First, add a menu variable to the <script> block...

let menu = [
	'Cookies and cream',
	'Mint choc chip',
	'Raspberry ripple'

...then replace the second section:


{#each menu as flavour}
		<input type=checkbox bind:group={flavours} name="flavours" value={flavour}>

It's now easy to expand our ice cream menu in new and exciting directions.